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                • Author:Siyuan Liu  Date:2018-12-08
                  Putting enforcement into practice, it is hoped there will be a noticeable crackdown on disclosure violations and higher standards in maintaining due diligence .
                • Author:Lei Zhang  Date:2018-11-26
                  External debt refers to local-currency and foreign-currency borrowings of domestic institutions from non-residents. According to the World Bank
                • Author:Weiyi Wu  Date:2018-11-15
                  Over the recent years, “private wealth management” has become a trendy concept which is very familiar to us. There are few high-net-worth individuals whose assets are located solely in their home countries or who do not consider to design a plan for their...
                • Author:Bangwei Xu  Date:2018-10-17
                  Being of the dual nature of leasing funds and assets, a finance lease involves the lessor, lessee (buyer) and seller. When any dispute arises, it is especially important for the lessor to know how to identify the claims to be submitted in order to protect its ...
                • Author:Jianjian Feng、Bo Zhang  Date:2018-08-16
                  With the Japanese government actively implementing tax reforms, easing restrictions, establishing special national strategic zones and offering foreign investors various preferential policies, more and more Chinese investors have turned to Japan. This article ...
                • Author:Tezhi Ling、Linhong Du  Date:2018-08-15
                  On 14 September 2015, the National Development and Reform Commission (the “NDRC”) issued the Notice on Promoting Reform of the Administration of the Recordal and Registration System for the Foreign Issuance of Debt by Enterprises (the “Notice”). After the ...
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